Belgian ex-police officer tried to kill two people with grenades off the dark web

A Belgian ex-police officer tried to kill the lovers of his ex-girlfriends with grenades bought off the dark web. The court convicted him to three years in the penitentiary and five years of supervision upon his release.

Special forces raided the man’s home in Marcinelle, Charleroi, during the early morning of September 26, 2016, upon receiving intel from the FBI.

The Charleroi Criminal Court has examined a case of an attempted double murder by Thomas V. Carolo. The disturbed individual considered various scenarios to kill the companions of the only two women in his life. The prosecution has required eight years in prison, but the accused pleaded acquittal, claiming that the former officer had no real intention of actually committing the murders.

Initially, the defendant admitted to the double murder charges but later denied them as soon as some pieces of evidence were declared to be acquired illegally. However, sufficient evidence was gathered from his journal, witnesses, and electronic records.

A most revealing piece of evidence that exposed his deranged mental state, is his journal. The accused had plotted the vivid murders in detail of the two men he intended to kill. Furthermore, the journal describes the culprit’s plan to lure a former co-worker to a wooded area through a fake traffic stop and kill the man using a knife. Later, he changed his weapon of choice to grenades.

The ex-police officer was also an alcoholic and sleeping pills consumer.

“I was in a confused period, between alcohol and sleeping pills, I felt better when I thought of my morbid projects. But faced with the reality, I became aware of the consequences and I gave up.”

The prosecution dropped the attempted double homicide charge but maintained the rest of the charges: attempted grenade importation, illegally carrying a butterfly knife, unauthorized access to police computers, and using fake license plates.


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