A 52-year-old Turkish dealer sentenced to nine years and nine months in Germany for Deepweb drug trafficking



At the end of November 2018, a 52-year old Turkish man residing in Germany was convicted to nine years and nine months of prison for distributing hard drugs both on the streets and on the darkweb. The Criminal Police in Mühldorf, Germany declared it was one of the lengthiest investigations in its history, since the establishment of the Commissariat 4 for drug-related crimes.

The investigation was code-named “Vehicle” after the first piece of information the Kriminalpolizei of Mühldorf acquired about the target — that he was a car salesman.

In September 2017, the investigation group “Vehicle” was created to hunt down the criminal organization that was trafficking a relatively large amount of drugs in the region. Enough even to be considered the biggest dope-pushers in all of the Bavarian town of Altötting.

Amphetamine, pain-killers, marijuana, ecstasy, and cocaine (picture) were among the sold narcotics by the network. In addition to a secret drug and money hideout in the city center, a bar in the town of Neuötting was a common place for frequent meet-ups of the gang members. Each one had its duties; some were “runners” while others “negotiators.”

The first breakthrough came in October 2017 when a drug peddler for the gang was caught by a police checkpoint on the A94 highway. He was transporting several kilos of marijuana and one kilo of amphetamine, a large amount of ecstasy, and cocaine. The bust led to the raid and arrest of the 52-year-old ringleader in November 2017.

Shortly afterward, comprehensive and conclusive prosecution was issued against a variety of people involved. Criminal proceeding ensued against 50 other defendants, including darknet buyers and sellers, which prompted the mandated search raids of other 20 locations.

The operation was a complete success, and the investigation squad which consisted of six civil servants was dissolved.

SOURCE: https://www.polizei.bayern.de/oberbayern/news/presse/aktuell/index.html/289815

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