A 21-year-old German received just 60 hours of community work for ordering darkweb cannabis for personal consumption

Daniel F. (not real name), 21 years of age, ordered hundreds of grams of darknet marijuana for personal consumption through the post office in the German district of Pfaffenhofen. More precisely, he used to place orders of about 100 to 250 grams of marijuana each time, for a total of 800 grams paid in bitcoin. The judge gave the young man 60 hours of community work alongside drug rehabilitation.

The defendant has been judged by juvenile justice standards despite him being 21 years old. Thus, receiving a light sentenced compared to the minimum of one-year imprisonment of the adult penal code regarding the purchase of marijuana for personal use. The change in the judging regiment was made due to the defendant’s absence of criminal priors and good behavior. Also, the fact that the illegalities started when he was 18 years old and that no criminal enterprise was found.

Judge Ulrich Klose highlighted the ideas himself:

“That was a massive offense, but juvenile justice is about education.”

The judge then asked Daniel if he quit drugs:

“Then we could take a hair sample from you?”

To which the defendant replied:

“No, problem. Actually, I always wanted to stop it.”

The representative of the juvenile court confirmed the good behavior, saying he has volunteered in social and civic actions, traveled the world, and completed two internships.

It is clear that not only the public opinion but also the judicial practices have drastically changed when it comes to marijuana consumption. Such light sentences were unheard of in past decades. A similar case happened in Austria, where a man fueled his cannabis vice using fake euros and received only two months of prison time.

SOURCE: https://www.donaukurier.de/lokales/pfaffenhofen/DKmobil-Drogen-aus-dem-Darknet;art600,4018378

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