Intel granted a patent for the development of a more efficient bitcoin mining system

On Nov. 27th, 2018, Intel has been granted a patent for the invention of a faster and more efficient SHA256 mining (bitcoin) process. The new processing systems are more “energy-efficient hardware accelerators.” More precisely, an overall reduction of power consumption by 15 percent.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Intel demonstrated innovation through the approval of the United States Patent and Trademark Office last Tuesday. Three individuals from Oregon invented the methodology, which took two years for it to be approved.

The power efficiency of the mining processor comes from newly designed hardware accelerators. Also, data pathway improvements are also included in the new system.

1) Hardware accelerators with an improved architectural design that require less power compared to past application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) computers;

2) Software improvements regarding optimized SHA-256 data paths for faster information processing time.

The improvements should lower miners’ electricity bill and accelerate the mining process. The market is eagerly waiting for patent integration in tomorrow’s bitcoin mining rigs.

PATENT: https://L2s.Pet/4ssykt3A


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