The dealer of late Geordie Shore’s star Aimee Spencer is having his sentence reviewed on Tuesday, 4th of December

Mr. Daniel Lewis, 30, was given a suspended sentence following the tragic death of Aimee Spencer after falling on concrete from a first-floor window in Chichester Terrace, Brighton, United Kindom on July 11th, 2016. She was partying at Daniel’s house and consumed both cocaine and ketamine also supplied by Daniel.

Public outcry prompted a referral request on November 13th, 2018 to the Attorney General for sentence re-evaluation. The court will announce its decision this Tuesday, 4th of December.

Daniel was cleared of the attempted murder charge on May 8th, 2017. An investigation concluded that the fall circumstances were uncertain. He has then received a suspended sentence of two years, 300 hours of charity work, and a 120-day curfew after pleading guilty to seven accusations of possession with intent to distribute class A, B, and C narcotics. The judge also took into account the fact that Lewis cleaned himself up, got out of Brighton, and joined an autism charity group.

Lewis bought a variety of drugs from the deep web using bitcoins. Including cocaine, methadone, ketamine, LSD. He would then sell them locally or even nationwide by mail, mostly to clubs. The police confiscated drugs worth over £15,000 and £20,000.

Detectives investigating the circumstances of Aimee’s death exposed a text message from Daniel Lewis to Aimee Spencer:

“Get in, get your kit off, get Helen making balloons while I’ll make a line under your nose as long as a yeti’s leg.”

Such an autodestructive behavior is well known to be the standard in the nightlife of Great Britain, but just how much did Lewis contribute to Aimee’s death. According to the court, very little.


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