Volunteer ICT experts against darknet crime are integrated into the Dutch police

The Netherlands successfully integrated volunteer information and communications technology professionals into their police force. The newly sworn-in white hat hackers will have bureaucratic access to tax-payer money to fight illegalities on the darknet. They become official yesterday, 4th of December, 2018.

Programmers and IT experts will now work formally within police ranks.

Bob, 31 years old, was a civilian volunteer with an acute sense of justice and now he’s looking at a full integration into the police force. He worked as a volunteer in the city of Driebergen:

“I have been a volunteer at the police since 2007. I also work as a programmer, I quickly became a source of information for my colleagues. (…) A lot of people think that they can remain anonymous, but those who are searching profoundly can certainly find an identity. “

Arieh Tal is an ex-nuclear physicist who wanted a purpose in life after his ex-girlfriend died of cancer. He fights crime on the internet to give something back to the Netherlands, his country of adoption.

More so, even local businesses give their fair share towards the effort. Theo van der Plas, a police officer from Hague, Netherlands declares:

“We can not keep up with the fast developments if we do not seek a connection with the business community. “

The volunteers were screened and have received specialized training. They’re expected to bring up arrest productivity and discourage the black market as seen in the United Kindom with similar circumstances.

Source (including photos of Bob, Arieh Tah, and Theo van der Plas): https://L2s.Pet/WvNEcwUd


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