Bitcoin-mining malware infections of routers have doubled since August ’18

Security researcher VriesHd tweeted, on December the 2nd of 2018, findings that indicate that up to 415 thousand MikroTik routers have been infected with a cryptojacking malware since this summer.

Internet security researchers VriesHd and Bad Packets Report have exposed a doubling in cryptocurrency-mining malware incidents since last year. More precisely, the Latvian router producer MikroTik has had its system compromised by over 16 different malware viruses. Main malware names include Coinhive, CoinImp, and Omine.

Although the majority of infections are registered in Brazil, Iran, India, and Indonesia, the attacks are worldwide. Most of the victims had no security protocol in place for their router. Casual internet users should consider using anti-malware software such as Google OnHub.

The attacks are such a common practice that for example, the Coinhive malware is suspected to have mined 5 percent of all Monero cryptocurrency in circulation. Number estimated by security company Palo Alto Networks.

Extensive article on how to secure your router: https://L2s.Pet/KF2Vmdms


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