A 30-year-old Austrian man was caught selling darknet marijuana to a 16-year-old student while in probation and received a year in prison

The 30-year-old man from Innsbruck, Austria ordered 700 grams of cannabis from a dark web Dutchman to resell and consume. He sold ten grams to a 16-year-old student while in a nine-month probation period due to a past criminal record.

Attorney Martin Triendl had no easy task defending the culprit. Upon hearing the judge’s intention to punish the man to three years of incarceration, he replied:

“My client needs medical attention and no detention.”

Prosecutor Hansjörg Mayr wasn’t so easily convinced by this, unable to overlook the drug trafficking to a minor:

“This is particularly reprehensible. You noticed for yourself the addiction of using cannabis, and you still sold it to a student.”

The court was also offended by the fact that the accused continued illegal activities even on parol. Judge Andreas Mair made it short:

“You did not want to take our second chance. I’m giving you a one year in prison. Otherwise, you won’t learn!”

The accused has to spend one year in prison, pay a fine of €500 to the state, and submit to a five-year probation sentence.

SOURCE: https://www.tt.com/panorama/verbrechen/15226138/cannabis-an-tiroler-schueler-verkauft-ein-jahr-haft-fuer-30-jaehrigen

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