A Frenchman was arrested for trying to shop with a darknet-acquired fake ID and paper check in a shopping center in Nantes

cityscape-3327441_960_720[1].jpgThe city of Nantes, France

The 29-yeard-old man was apprehended on Wednesday 30th of January 2018 after trying to pay for goods with a forged ID and paper check in a shopping center in Nantes. The man has confessed his crime, and upon checking his residence, police found thirteen counterfeit €50 banknotes. Items purchased on the deep web, he declared.

The suspect was arrested Wednesday afternoon after paying for his shopping cart with the fake check and ID. However, the management of the hypermarket has blacklisted his fake financial references after the man scammed the same store on 23rd of November and 3rd of December of 2018. The cashier delayed the transaction and alerted the mall security.

Police arrived and took the suspect for questioning where he admitted everything. The accused told investigators he was in severe economic distress which rendered him desperate. He said he paid 350 euros for six check forms.

Putting into circulation counterfeit currency and using false identification are two crimes that require very severe penalties by the French Penal Code. Although the court might take into consideration the defendant’s mitigating factor of financial difficulties, he still risks a maximum of ten years in prison and a fine of up to €150,000.

palais-de-justice-1[1].jpgJustice Palace of Nantes.Nantes.png

SOURCE: https://www.francebleu.fr/infos/faits-divers-justice/nantes-il-tente-de-payer-ses-courses-avec-une-carte-d-identite-et-un-cheque-achetes-sur-le-darknet-1548961430

RESOURCE: French Penal Code PDF: https://www.legifrance.gouv.fr/content/location/1740

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