A 19-year-old seasonal attendant working in France got caught with 55 grams of darkweb cannabis and has received a five-year ban from entering the country

A seasonal worker in France was convicted of buying 55 grams of darkweb cannabis. The young man also received a nine-month suspended sentence, a €1,500 fine, and has been banned from entering French territory for five years.

On Thursday 7th of March 2019, a 19-year-old seasonal attendant in France was summoned in court after the hotel bar manager in Val Thorens reported to the police suspicious parcels coming to his establishment.

The English-speaking employee had purchased a total of three parcels off the darknet in exchange for bitcoins. However, the strong herbal smell from the cannabis put the investigation in motion. Upon further inspection, the gendarmes found 55 grams of marijuana, alongside another package destined to the same person with many small zip sachets and a precision scale.

trib fr.jpgPalais de justice d’Albertville

The Albertville Criminal Court judged him in the Savoie department of south-eastern France. His parents who are both lawyers helped put together his defense strategy. The young culprit has admitted ordering the cannabis but never intended to re-sell. He showed remorse and cooperated throughout the rather expedient trial:

“I realized that I made a big mistake. If it even can be considered a mere mistake. It was a friend who showed me the darknet saying that cannabis was cheaper there, ” he declared in court.

To which, Judge Michelle Raffin replied: “We must, then, hope that this friend does not give you advice too often.”

Finally, the court was convinced by defense attorney Mr. Paul Salvisberg that his client was not a dealer but only a consumer. Arguing that the festive setting of Val Thorens and the growing acceptance of cannabis all influenced his client into committing the illegal internet drug order.

On the other hand, the prosecution led by Jean Ailhaud was insisting on the precision scale and multiple zip bags ordered by the man.

“Even if he is not prosecuted for selling narcotics, this young man, who calls himself a simple consumer, was still well organized by ordering all this material,” Judge Michelle Raffin underlined.

Consequently, he was punished with a nine-month suspended sentence, a €1,500 fine, and was deemed persona non grata in France for five years. According to the French Penal Code, personal narcotic use provides a penalty of up to one year of prison and a fine of up to €3,750.

fr.png             Val Thorens in Savoie, France  

SOURCE: https://www.ledauphine.com/faits-divers/2019/03/11/le-saisonnier-avait-achete-55-g-d-herbe-de-cannabis-sur-le-darknet

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A Frenchman was arrested for trying to shop with a darknet-acquired fake ID and paper check in a shopping center in Nantes

cityscape-3327441_960_720[1].jpgThe city of Nantes, France

The 29-yeard-old man was apprehended on Wednesday 30th of January 2018 after trying to pay for goods with a forged ID and paper check in a shopping center in Nantes. The man has confessed his crime, and upon checking his residence, police found thirteen counterfeit €50 banknotes. Items purchased on the deep web, he declared.

The suspect was arrested Wednesday afternoon after paying for his shopping cart with the fake check and ID. However, the management of the hypermarket has blacklisted his fake financial references after the man scammed the same store on 23rd of November and 3rd of December of 2018. The cashier delayed the transaction and alerted the mall security.

Police arrived and took the suspect for questioning where he admitted everything. The accused told investigators he was in severe economic distress which rendered him desperate. He said he paid 350 euros for six check forms.

Putting into circulation counterfeit currency and using false identification are two crimes that require very severe penalties by the French Penal Code. Although the court might take into consideration the defendant’s mitigating factor of financial difficulties, he still risks a maximum of ten years in prison and a fine of up to €150,000.

palais-de-justice-1[1].jpgJustice Palace of Nantes.Nantes.png

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RESOURCE: French Penal Code PDF: https://www.legifrance.gouv.fr/content/location/1740

An 18-year-old prolific Italian student from Ventimiglia was found dead after falling from a 45-meter crane in Paris — DarkNet and Blue Whale among the hypothesis of the apparent suicide 

Alessio Vinci was an 18-year-old prolific student enrolled in the Aerospace Engineering University in Turin. He was found dead on Saturday 19th of January 2019 after falling from a 45-meter tower crane located in a Paris building yard, French authorities investigated.

His motive for the alleged suicide is currently unknown. However, the young man suffered after losing his mother and was living with his grandfather, Enzo, who received a modest pension. He was also of brilliant intelligence, after finishing high-school a year earlier with a perfect 100-point final exam grade. His future was looking prosperous after enrolling into the prestigious Aerospace Engineering University in Turin.

His last message to his grandfather was sent from a hotel in Paris on the same day of his death. Telling him that he had a university class and that he was the best grandfather in the world. A message that led investigators to believe a suicide possibility.


The dismay of his grandfather and teachers:

“Why was he in France?” Enzo repeats several times. “Why has he done such a thing?”

Professor Giuseppe Monticone, principal of the high-school Liceo Scientifico Aprosio, of Ventimiglia recalls:

“He was an excellent boy and student, solar, able to form a relationship with his classmates. We are really shocked by what happened.”

His former middle school teacher, Anna Maria Giovannelli commented on his commemorative Facebook page:

“He was a good boy and model student. Scholar, intelligent, polite, humble, and sensitive. Good at sports and respectful with everyone. I want to remember you happy when you played with your classmates. You missed your mother, you suffered in silence. I tried to love you like all my colleagues, the janitors, and all your companions. Believe me, it was really easy to love you.”

On the other hand, some Instagram comments indicated a connection to the darkweb underculture, more precisely “incels” or involuntary celibates, people who cannot find romantic partners despite trying.


From a certain friend named Mario Rossier: “Another brother in heaven ‘killed’ by women, may he rests in peace.”

Another user nicknamed “kainwziabai” replied: “Rest in peace, incel brother.”

The comments seem to confirm the suicide hypothesis, taking into consideration the repetitive use of the word “brother” as to describe allegiance to some group. Also, climbing dangerously high spots is typical for the suicidal darkweb game called “the blue whale.” Details are unknown, an investigation is currently underway.

SOURCE: http://www.ilgiornale.it/news/cronache/tragica-morte-alessio-sgomento-nonno-e-dei-suoi-insegnanti-1632074.html