The Namibian pedophile who produced and sold child pornography is charged with rape and sexual abuse of up to 34 minors

Earlier this week, a 49-year old Namibian man was arrested in Windhoek for selling and producing child pornography. He was in Namibian Police custody, and his first tribunal appearance was on Tuesday, 5th of April 2020, in the magistrate’s court.

Photo of Johann Wickus Maree from Informanté

The suspect is Johann Wickus Maree, a 49-year old Namibian resident, an alleged private investigator, and a “sports photographer.” The suspect owned a dark web site named “Boy Idols,” from which he would sell photos of young male models in swimwear and clothing. He would also post videos of minor boys on a dark web forum.


He was investigated since 2019, and the evidence was discovered by the Namibian Police in collaboration with the Netherlands police, the South African police, and Interpol.

The Nampol raided his house on Thursday, the 30th of April. They found evidence such as hardware, computers, and other objects that link him to the crimes.

As reported by the chief spokesperson of the Namibian Police, deputy commissioner Kauna Shikwambi, the videos contained several minors performing sexual acts in bathrooms where video cameras were planted. Some videos, also obtained from covert cameras, were recordings of minors boys visiting the restroom at a public swimming pool. He also filmed himself engaging in sexual acts with his victims.

Charges after the preliminary trial

He was accused of forty charges, which involved up to thirty-four children as young as 9 years old. Eight under-aged boys were sexually abused and raped between 2016 and 2020, and an additional fourteen victims have been identified. Police are reaching for witnesses’ statements. The other twelve victims have yet to be traced.

Johann Wickus Maree was charged with rape, immoral acts with minors under the age of sixteen, indecent assault, charges of using children to create child pornography, trafficking by recruiting under-age boys for sexual exploitation.

After being informed of the serious charges, he stated that he’d be applying for a public defender. The suspect also said that he didn’t want to apply for bail at this stage.

Investigation continues while the suspect is in custody, and the case was postponed until the 28th of August.

The Namibian Police encourages citizens and parents to contact the national head of the Criminal Investigation Directorate, commissioner Nelius Becker, at (061) 209 3252 or 081 129 9215. Alternatively, detective chief inspector Pennies Olivier at 081 421 0903 if their children have been in contact with the suspect.

The flag of the Namibian Police

A 49-year old Namibian ex-police officer was arrested for selling and producing child pornography

On the 30th of April 2020, a Namibian 49-year-old man was arrested for producing and selling child pornography. The individual had also worked in the past as a police officer.

He’s accused of entertaining sexual relationships with several underage boys — at least 20 minors were identified as victims. The children were between ages 9 and 17.


a-49-year-old-namibian-ex-police-officer-was-arrested-for-selling-and-producing-child-pornographyThe deranged individual worked as a freelance photographer and would often film himself committing the atrocious sexual acts. Many of his gigs involved sporting events and photoshoots at local schools in Windhoek, Namibia. According to preliminary investigations, the individual would profit from the circumstances of his job. He would coherence minors into sexual activities with him and between themselves. Subsequently, he’d then sell the pedophilic material through the dark web.

His house in Cimbebasia was raided on Thursday, 30th of April 2020. The man was under watch by the Namibian Police Force for some time under suspicions of pedophilia. NamPol confiscated incriminating evidence and equipment. The sexual predator will be brought to justice under the Child Care & Protection Act (No. 3 of 2015).

Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi, commander of the Namibian Police’s Public Relations Division, confirmed the detention of the culprit on Friday, 1st of May 2020. She had this to declare:

“The man is charged for crimen injuria, the contravention of the child protection act, and contravention of section 6 of the organized crime act.”


Spokesperson Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi indicated a dedicated press briefing after the suspect would make his first tribunal appearance on Tuesday, 5th of April 2020 in the magistrate’s court:

“At this stage that is the only information we are able to make public.”

The case is currently under investigation. All of the above are allegations. More information to come.




Operation “No Web” resulted in one arrest and two other indicted for child pornography and aggravated fraud on the darkweb in Turin — all suspects were public officials at the Venaria’s municipal office

Three public employees from the Italian municipal office of Venaria Reale, Via Goito street in Turin, are indicted for child pornography and aggravated fraud. Police officers found a total of 38 thousand files of which two thousand depicting minors in profoundly disturbing sexual or even violent situations. The files are thought to have been downloaded in the last six months.

More shockingly is the fact that previously, a female employee had reported suffering an anonymous sexual attack. She had left her water bottle on her desk overnight, and the next morning she found it of a strange color and consistency. Lab results showed the bottle had been contaminated with semen.

“We have evidence that under some circumstances, the suspects for child pornography offenses have masturbated in the office, police commander Luca Vivalda declared.

The first arrested municipal worker has been fired from office. He’s a 61-year-old man from the accountancy and economics office, accused of peculation, fraud, and child pornography. The second suspect is his wife, a personnel office employee who is charged with fraud. The third suspect is another employee from the planning office also charged with trafficking child pornography.

Investigators found that between September the 26th of 2018 and February the 5th of 2019, almost 38 thousand pornographic files were downloaded from the computers of the arrested employee and that of the reported colleague, including photos and videos. Of these, 2127 with minors. Almost eight thousand files in the period from December the 31st of 2018 to February the 5th of 2019, with nearly 500 videos or photos with children.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the pedopornography was saved and re-sold on the darknet. A theory also confirmed by the disproportionate figures found on the seized bank accounts. One of the two subjects had also created a database with all the visited porn sites and those that would still have to access.

“I’m not ashamed to say that, seeing some pictures showing children tortured and raped, I vomited,” said police commander Luca Vivalda.

The inquiry started when computer technicians observed a slow and overloaded network between 9 in the morning to 18 in the evening. Moreso, the municipality had recently installed a vast bandwidth network for reducing operational timing.

“But something was not going well, since the exchange of information was very slow, which is why I asked the technicians of the company that installed the software on our tablets, and it is thanks to this intervention that we have discovered the anomalies, with the often slow and overloaded network, thus giving life to the investigation, the arrest, and the two complaints”, explains Luca Vivalda.

The pair was downloading 60-70 megabytes out of the 100 megabytes available to the City, every day. Investigations have shown that the arrested culprit had a second “job” as an online gambler and trader on the stock exchange.

Also under questioning is the wife of the 61-year-old man who is accused of falsely attributing worked hours to the suspects:

“I want to be good and say that one worked a week in six months and the other one did not. They justified only the minimum working hours required by the union, says Luca Vivalda. Mayor Falcone promised he’ll check the rest of his municipality for similar cases.

On the other hand, the defense attorney of the 61-year-old culprit and wife, deny almost all accusations:

“At the current state of the investigation, the number of downloaded videos has not yet been quantified with precision and the material that, according to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, has been identified as pedopornography. Then, it is absolutely not true that my clients would have sold or divulged the material downloaded to the black market or with any other means. This profile was not even challenged by the prosecutor. Moreover, the current bank accounts of my clients are absolutely not seized. As far as his wife is concerned, the investigations have not brought out relevant responsibilities because she had no power to assign overtime and/or vacation days because of her role as a mere employee of the personnel office,” lawyer Francesco Dal Piaz declared.

According to the Italian Penal Code regarding child pornography, the group faces between six to twelve years and fines from € 24,000 to € 240,000.

Mayor Falcone Roberto (left) and Police Commander Luca Vivalda (right)



The mother and two other pedophiles have been arrested for abusing a child on the darkweb

On Monday 11th of February 2019, the Arad Justice Court in Romania issued the first-instance sentence for two pedophiles aged 44 and 22, and the mother of the abused child aged 50-years-old. They were sentenced to eleven years, nine years and six months, and eight years of imprisonment, respectively. The disturbed trio had abused the 11-year-old child from Zădăreni in multiple instances and was ordered to pay moral reparations of €150,000.

61952842[1].jpg             The mother of the abused child

Investigators detained the gang in April 2018 over suspicions of pedophilia. The suspects from Zădăreni and Felnac were apprehended after a brief inquiry among the villagers. Locals confirmed that the mother was benefitting economically from allowing abusers to enter her home. It was also later suspected that the mother had even tried to sell her child over the darknet.

“From the researches made, it was established that between July the 1st, 2016 and April the 1st of 2018, the two men, through physical and psychological constraints, taking advantage of the boy’s inability of expressing his will, repeatedly had sexual intercourse with the minor,” the representatives of the Arad County Police Inspectorate Press Office declared.

tribunal-arad[1].jpgromania_sm00[1].jpg             Justice Palace in Arad, Romania800px-Arad_Rathaus_3940-43[1].jpg

Police discovered that the boy was abused since he was ten years old. Now 12 years old, he received psychological counseling and help from the Child Protection Department of Arad. The Romanian Penal Code requires a minimum of seven years for sexually abusing minors. However, due to the aggravating circumstances, the trio received additional prison terms. The sentence is not definitive, but hardly contestable.



A 62-year-old man from Spain was arrested as part of Operation Napalm for possession of extremely disturbing child pornography from DarkWeb forums

The Civil Guard of Burgos has arrested, in the framework of Operation Napalm, a 62-year-old man, who lived in the province of Palencia, Spain under the accusations of instigating to prostitution and sexual exploitation, corruption of minors, and possession of pedopornography.


The investigation started in November 2018 when the Commandery of Burgos was informed, as a result of the measures for prevention and risk detection by the Corps personnel, of the possible existence of certain computer files related to the sexual exploitation of children. The Technological Investigation Team of the Judicial Police Organic Unit of Burgos took charge of the investigations, aiming to recover all possible files in immediate circulation, identify its recent owners, arrest the suspects, and organize proof for the criminal case. The PC registry of the suspect verified the existence of images of explicitly pornographic content and “extremely hard” images of young children.

In the house, four storage devices (HDDs) have been confiscated and are being currently under inquiry. Most of the media come from downloads through the deepweb, through “Peer to Peer” programs, or through private forums on the darknet.

“Nothing indicates so far that the victims are within our borders,” the police Command explains.

The Operation has been directed by the Court of Instruction of Carrión de los Condes, Palencia and seeks to root out other implicated members in the file transfers. Spain is both a transit and destination country for children trafficked for sexual purposes and it’s considered the largest host of child pornography in Europe. Since adopting the new European Union laws against child exploitation, the 62-year-old culprit is to be expecting no more than a few years of prison. Unlike other European countries who haven’t adopted the new European Union penal code against pedophiles, Spain has somewhat lowered the de jure punishment for pedopornography crimes. Italy, for example, would theoretically give a much harsher penalty for a similar case, providing a penalty from 8 to 12 years in prison, while the European Union law provides 1 to 3 years or 5 to 10 years for severe cases.



Click to access Legislation_on_Child_Pornography_Public1.pdf

A man from Nebraska is awaiting sentencing for sending child pornography to an undercover cop

Pete C. Blumenthal, 36 years old from Kearney, Nebraska was arrested on 9th of November 2018 for sharing pedopornography over the internet to an undercover officer. The felony charges were supposed to take effect on November the 8th 2018, but the case was sealed until 2nd of January 2018 to protect the on-going investigation.

A preliminary audition is scheduled at the end of January 2019 in Washington, D.C. where he’s currently being held in federal custody without bond. Blumenthal is represented by the public defender appointed to him by the court.


The court affidavit describes the investigation which started on 6th of November 2018. The Child Exploitation Task Force was masquerading and interacting as another participant in online pedophilia groups. Shortly after, a certain “badchicken33” responded to a message sent by the undercover cops. His IP address led back to Pete Blumenthal residence.

The private chat between Pete and the police began, and the culprit initially started sending non-pornographic images of boys and girls. After a while, Pete wanted to make sure he wasn’t stepping into a trap, so he simply asked:

“You’re (sic) not a cop right? Or any kind of agent??” Blumenthal wrote.
To which the officer replied, “Hell no. Perv here.”

Reassured, Pete continued sending more and more graphic images of penetrative and non-penetrative sex between adults and kids. Surely enough, a raid mandate was issued and executed on 36-year-old Pete C. Blumenthal.

The details of the operation aren’t fully known, but the small 3-day time frame of the investigation might indicate that the suspect had no cybersecurity protocols put in place whatsoever. His rather comical question to the undercover police officers seems to confirm the complete absence of experience in internet security. Under federal law, Pete is risking a minimum of 5 years to a maximum of 20 years of incarceration, depending on priors and forensics.