Two German men arrested for ordering 1.1 kilograms of meth from the darknet

Two German men from the Regensburg and Kelheim areas, 25 and 33-years-old, respectively, were arrested on the 1st and 2nd of December 2018. They’re accused of ordering 1.1 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine from the darkweb. One of the men was caught in flagrant trying to open a marked parcel.

The men placed the order for just over one kilo of the potent drug in the summer of 2018. When officers first caught with their online conversations, the two men were expecting 200 grams. The police officers sent a bait package to the two men and the 33-year-old was caught in flagrant trying to open the parcel. Furthermore, just under 200 grams of methamphetamines were discovered at the culprits’ workplace. They face from 2 to 15 years of prison.

At least in one shipment, the drugs were encased in candles and declared as “soy wax and candles.”

Policemen have secured over more than half a million units of crystal meth in Bavaria over the past eight years. Once a phenomenon only associated with the parts alongside the Czech border, today crystal meth affects almost all parts of Germany, especially the Nuremberg area. The deaths associated with methamphetamine have also increased significantly since 2010, adding up to 100. Over the past eight years, police officers in Bavaria have also discovered a total of 48 illegal Crystal laboratories.

Source: https://L2s.Pet/kqxYzuWM


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