Israel recruits volunteers to fight against “White September” terrorists on the darknet

Shin Bet is Israel’s internal security service which decided to recruit volunteers to fight against the so-called “White September” (WS) deep web terrorist group. The Israeli government fears real-life terrorist attacks and claims that the group is financed by Iran and Hezbollah.

The initiative follows a recent and growing trend among official institutions to seek the help of civilian volunteers. The practice is growing in popularity because of its success in the United Kindom and the Netherlands. Adjacently, a successful trial program “The Xcelerator” developed by the joint Shin Bet-Tel Aviv University Ventures also offered promising results which prompted the Israeli government to move forward with the new strategy.

Its estimated that more than 150,000 people have already accessed the website, but only two have solved the requested challenge. The test verified the candidate’s familiarity with advanced technology, both hardware, and software. Subsequently, the successful candidate will have the possibility of entering an “incubation” program that will transform the initial candidate into a specialized security service. Basically, the incubator is designed for early-stage entrepreneurs with technological potential but who aren’t necessarily experienced in security.

More so, seeking civilian help comes as a natural and rational strategy against terroristic guerilla fighters that operate underground. The population of Israel is highly motivated and internet-savvy and will prove very helpful for law enforcement. However, more counter-intelligence operations mean more arrests, raids, and a general escalation of violence.

More info can be found on

“Hello Special Agent A from the Technology Unit of the Israeli Security Agency (ISA)

‘White September’ (WS) is a group of arch-terrorists. They are linked to the global jihadist movement and are financed by Iran and Hezbollah. A few weeks ago, they used the darknet to declare their intention to commit a mega-terrorist attack in Israel. They nicknamed the operation “September 11 Israeli”. These people are very sophisticated and ruthless.

We at ISA have received a tip that some terrorists have already infiltrated the country and our agents have launched an operation to stop them before they can carry out their project.

YOUR MISSION – Identify terrorists, locate them and foil their plans. Your missions have been sent to you via the secure system. The State of Israel needs your help! To enter the system, solve the security puzzle.”



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