A 25-year-old chemistry student from Sweden was caught ordering darkweb heroin, cocaine, amphetamine, and methamphetamine in DVD cases to his dorm room — he’s also accused of using counterfeit euro banknotes

The 25-year-old Swedish chemistry student from the district of Valla in Linköping was raided on 1st of November 2018 after the customs officers confiscated several drug orders from the Netherlands destined for the student. The last postal order, however, involved nearly half of kilogram of amphetamines packed in several DVD cases discovered at the customs of Arlanda.

In total, the Customs at Arlanda found 495 grams of amphetamine, 0.49 grams of cocaine, and 15 counterfeit €50 banknotes, in the four DVD cases.

Sweden 2.png

Upon the raid, police officers found various types of drugs, scales, paraphernalia, packaging materials, and notes that indicated information about past orders and sellers. Authorities also found fifteen €50 counterfeit banknotes and confiscated his computer, cell phones, and other relevant electronic devices for further investigation.

More so, his laptop was connected to a darknet platform when the officers arrived. Fortunately for the policemen, the accused didn’t have time to close his laptop, which would’ve canceled the browsing history.

On the 19th of August 2018, the man has, among other things, received a shipment containing almost ten grams of heroin.

The man is accused of drug trafficking and illegal use of counterfeit money. He denies the crimes completely but hasn’t presented any explanation as to why the items were addressed to him. Nevertheless, the student faces between two and seven years of prison if found guilty on all charges. The trial is underway.

SOURCE: https://www.svt.se/nyheter/lokalt/ost/kemistudent-atalas-for-knarksmuggling


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