A German 21-year-old from Amberg got six months of prison suspended over three years probation for consuming and selling darkweb ecstasy and methamphetamine — he was judged as a juvenile and fined for €950

The 21-year-old man from Amberg, Germany has been accused of 50 counts of selling and consuming darkweb methamphetamine and ecstasy between April 2016 and November 2017. He was sentenced before Judge Peter Jung to six months suspension over three years of post-release probation, and a fine of €950.

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Police found his cell number in the phone of one of his clients and decided to raid the young man. However, upon inspection law enforcement did not find drugs. He declared:

“I have not used any crystal meth,” the young man said he has been clean since March 2018.

Despite police not having found drugs in his residence, the culprit decided to surrender from the get-go. Shortly after, he made a full confession and also gave up his former entourage:

“Since then I have nothing to do with that crowd.”

District court representative Judge Peter Jung wanted to know how did he start using darknet methamphetamines. The judge was also after details about his intentions and past behavior.

The culprit said that he tried a marijuana joint when he was 17-years-old, back in 2016. After a while, a friend offered him crystal meth. He then got addicted, but only used it in the weekends as he wasn’t comfortable using it at his workplace where he’d have to work a diamond stone saw.

“I did not want to be in that drugged state while working. It would have been too dangerous for the Flex saw.” He also told the judge that he had quitted meth just before the police raided his house: “I thought I could control it. It’s not easy to stop; I went to work to distract myself.”

amberg_rathaus_am_marktplatz_01[1]Being under 24 years of age, the court decided to judge him as a juvenile and suspend his six-month sentence over three years. He had no criminal priors, moved out at eighteen, and worked ever since. The defense argued that he only sold drugs to finance his addiction and that the 21-year-old was nor a big-time dealer nor a public hazard. Both the judge and prosecution considered there are good prospects for the accused and spared him jail time. A fine of €950 was finally imposed.Amberg_Panorama[1].jpgAmberg, Germany

SOURCE: https://www.onetz.de/oberpfalz/amberg/21-jaehriger-kauft-drogen-darknet-id2618459.html

RESOURCE: https://germanlawarchive.iuscomp.org/?p=756


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