A young Italian man plummeted from a seventh-floor apartment in Poland — first responders found traces of darknet LSD and alcohol (interview of witness included)

Salvatore Cipolletti was a 24-year-old Italian university student who died in Poland just after midnight on March the 9th of 2019 after falling from the seventh floor of a rented apartment in Warsaw. It was first thought they’re traveling for a Call of Duty meet-up, but the gang of friends wanted to party instead, as reported by QuiNewsValdera.

a-young-italian-man-plummeted-from-a-seventh-floor-hotel-in-poland-because-of-a-broken-heart-first-responders-found-traces-of-darknet-lsd-and-alcohol-interview-of-witness-includedSalvatore Cipolletti, Jakub Rębisz, and Iacopo Michelotti

The group of three people Salvatore was with, Polish Jakub Rębisz, Italian Iacopo Michelotti, and another Croatian man, Adam, were on vacation in Warsaw, Poland.

They were allegedly consuming LSD bought from darknet platforms and hard liquor. A preliminary investigation revealed that Salvatore jumped voluntarily from the balcony, but his parents want a full inquiry on the circumstances. More so, the main reason would be a girl back in Italy of unrequited love.

Polish police were the only investigators on-site and classified the twenty-meter fall as a suicide. However, the family decided to file an “esposto querela contro ignoti” at the Office of the Public Prosecutor of Pisa. Meaning that the family asks for an investigation against unknown parties by Italian prosecutors. Such a legal endeavor should prompt an in-depth inquiry by Italian criminologists. The family has been vehement about the fact that their son wasn’t a drug user and neither depressed.

Lawyer Ivo Gronchi represents the mourning family of the Italian commune of Ponsacco. He addressed the tragedy after almost two weeks after the fact. The young man was first spotted lifeless by two tourists walking down the boulevard within a foot of the building itself.

He had precipitated from a seventh-floor balcony of a shared apartment where he and his friends were drinking and using what seems to be darkweb-ordered LSD

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The apartment room of the seven-floor block in Warsaw 


Salvatore having fun in Poland in the company of friends and girls


More from Lawyer Ivo Gronchi:

“Surely the contact between Salvatore, the Italian friend from Lucca, named Iacopo, and the other Polish friend happened through online games.”

“For the boy, it was the fourth trip to Poland, and the second time he was in that apartment on the seventh floor with the two friends. Unlike his Croatian friend (with which Cipolletti had found himself to take the plane from Venice) we do not know if he knew him in person, before this trip.”

“Extensive evidence of these trips can also be found on the boy’s social media profile, several times in the company of his friend from the Italian city of Lucca and Poland.”

“In a previous trip, in August, the three boys had been to Poland to play video games. Compared to this last trip the parents didn’t know if their son had gone to Warsaw to play video games,” Gronchi said.

“From what we have heard, from a translator from the Italian embassy, the Polish police have cataloged the death of Salvatore as a suicide. However, Salvatore’s body had to be returned to us today, but the delivery has been later moved to Monday or Tuesday. We don’t know if a supplementary investigation is planned. We are evaluating with the family the possibility of hiring a Polish lawyer who takes care of our interests on the spot and puts more pressure on the judicial authority of Warsaw to reveal what happened.”

Regarding Salvatore’s death, lawyer Gronchi reiterated what was communicated by the embassy:

“They let us know that the versions of the three witness boys (the friend from Lucca, the Polish, and the Croatian) are very similar. The trio stated that a few minutes after midnight Salvatore would have dropped the phone and would have gotten up to jump down from the window.”

“Salvatore’s body was found on the ground at midnight hours 00:20 (12:20 AM), lawyer Gronchi continued, we know that from 11:58 to 00:17, via Whatsapp, he sent phrases and audio recordings to a girl he was seeing in Italy. In these messages, there was the name of a fifth person who wasn’t with Salvatore or his friends.”

As for the other possible lead ways in this story, namely, the traces of LSD found by the first Polish investigators, lawyer Gronchi added:

“We were also told by the embassy that in the apartment the police found traces of LSD, in addition to a virtually intact bottle of rum. Looking in Salvatore’s belongings, we found PCs and passwords that would seem to indicate the young man has accessed to the deep web.”

The dark web is the non-indexed part of the internet where the implicated would have possibly ordered the darknet LSD. Various onion links and darknet markets were found to have been accessed by Salvatore:

“Salvatore had access to the deep web, and it is assumed that he also had a Bitcoin portfolio,” Layer Gronchi declared.

Salvatore’s family, the mother of Thai origins and his Italian father, are denying the boy was using drugs. Her only son, the mother declared that Salvatore didn’t even smoke. The young man had even asked his father to smoke outside.


A few days before leaving, he went to his trusted hairdresser and enthusiastically talked to him about the planned trip. Even a day before the unfortunate incident, on Mother’s day of 8th of March 2019, he surprised his mother at work with a mimosa bouquet. They were working in the same mechanical assemblies company. Also, the boy was enrolled at a mechanical engineering university in Rome. He followed the courses from home. He would soon have had his first exam.

His casket is set to be repatriated after a slight delay, lawyer Ivo Gronchi:

“The coffin should depart on Monday and arrive in Ponsacco on Tuesday. This is what the Italian embassy told us. Funerals are scheduled on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, let us say that we will present this statement so that further inquiries are made. But not Monday, we must talk to other people and to clarify other aspects of this story, before going to the Public Prosecutor”.

As for the WhatsApp audios he sent around midnight, the lawyer continued:

“I heard the audios, one of 7 seconds and the other of 55 seconds, people under the influence talking and laughing in the background while Salvatore wasn’t.

Those messages were sent by the young man a few minutes before his death to a co-worker girl named Valeria. The messages, sent just a few minutes before the fatal act, were addressed to the girl. Most intriguing is the fact that Salvatore kept obsessively repeating the name of another Polish man who was not with them in the apartment.

Salvatore was talking about suicide with the girl, openly:


         We’ll leave our mark, it will be our suicide… I left a mark, so I fucking won.”

What’s more noteworthy is the fact that in the audible background  according to Gronchi  the two other friends seem to discourage him by saying:

“No, not this type of a mark.”

Salvatore’s family was visited by some friends and ex-colleagues of Salvatore. Among the visitors, on Fathers Day, Valeria passed by the house and left a letter and a box of chocolates:

“Salvatore would have given them to you — the woman wrote to Salvatore’s father — to celebrate with you.”

Valeria evidently did not dare to knock on the door, fearing of disturbing the family in such a terrible time. She left a piece of paper with a few lines, to reiterate to Carmine and Mary that Salvatore was a good man, heartfelt, and above all, madly in love with his family.

Carmine Cipolletti replied in a short interview:

“I held the note in my hands, I was moved — says Carmine Cipolletti — those words melted my heart, because there is a description of what my son was. An exceptional boy, who loved sports, studying, and life. So much so that he would never have committed suicide. I’m sure he didn’t consciously fly down from the seventh floor. Some of the guys in the apartment that night know something they haven’t said yet. They know the truth.”

Jakub, one of Salvatore Cipolletti’s friends of Polish origin gives an interview to the LaNazione on the unfortunate event.

output-onlinepngtoolsHe was there, along with the Croatian man and Iacopo, the Italian friend from the city of Lucca. All fans of online games. “But the game has nothing to do with this,” says Jakub, who gives an interview hoping to elucidate the facts. A long discussion ensued where he remembers “Cipo,” as he called Salvatore: “A boy with a big heart.”

Salvatore was his friend, right?
“He was a great friend of mine, I’d say…”

Did you make other trips together?
“Yes, we have been to several places before like Prague and Bucharest.”

Did you see him upset or worried the night he died?
“Cipo had a broken heart.”

For a woman? Or had he given any other concerns?
“He has seen no reason to live. He was a very intelligent person, and he was studying complex subjects. He had a crush on a girl; he talked about it very openly. I am telling all this because of the many false and ferocious things that have been said about us these days. Some have tried to pass us off as murderers, not caring about our feelings. With little information, it is impossible to get a story out of it. It’s like assembling a puzzle without most of the pieces.”

What happened then, that night? Tell us.
“It was a closed party, among old friends who had known each other for more than five years. Cipo was clearly angry for a couple of weeks. We were on the sidelines having fun, and we made plans for the other days. We were hoping to talk about his problems in person. Going on into the night, Cipo was becoming more and more self-enclosed and holding the phone. At one point, he stood up and did what he did. The police are investigating: they made every effort to understand what happened. When the results will be finally sent to the Italian police, everyone will realize that this story is hurting us. As well as all these suspicions.”

What was said wrong?
“I’ll make it simple. There was no fifth man. There was no murder. Cipo talked to Adrian on the phone for ten minutes on an issue that only the three of us could know.”

And the sign of which he speaks in the audio file?
“Leave a mark? It’s a phrase that didn’t mean to us the moment he was saying it. After what happened, I reconstructed and understood. He was scratching the table with something sharp… and we said not to do it.”

And does online gaming have anything to do with this?
“We never played Call of Duty. We played several games, spending time together in voice chat for five years.”

So you weren’t in Warsaw to play?
“Right, it was a holiday.”

The presence of drugs was hypothesized. Is it possible that Salvatore used drugs?
“He was using legal things that helped him deal with his anxiety problems.

Nothing was offered to Salvatore”, adds the young man, “to be honest, I do not worry because I know we are innocent”.

Is it true that relief efforts were only called by two Dutch tourists?
“I called the ambulance immediately after he jumped.”

Have you talked to Salvatore’s parents after what happened?
“They could’ve talked to me, but they wanted to talk to Iacopo because they don’t speak English. They talked to him for about fifteen minutes. At that moment I was beside him.”

Funerals took place at the end of March 2019 at the church of San Giovanni Evangelista in Ponsacco. The boy’s mother, Suphapron Thiansamran (photo below), known to all in Ponsacco as Mary, had this to say at the end of the ceremony:

“Salvatore is no longer here because of wrong friends, not because of Internet games.”


Parents Suphapron “Mary” Thiansamran and Carmine Cipolletti

Words confirmed by Salvatore’s work co-workers from Axis Group:

“Out with the truth!

He was a golden boy, who loved the gym and life. He was very happy to leave for Poland, we had seen him on Friday 8th, the day before he left,” the workers continue. “Salvatore did not commit suicide, something strange happened in that house, we are sure of it.”

The family was also visited by Salvatore’s ex-high-school colleagues of Liceo del Pesenti in Cascina, where he graduated in accounting. Even the boys who grew up together with Salvatore are shocked and incredulous. They don’t believe that Salvatore has decided lucidly and consciously to throw himself from the seventh floor. The atmosphere, during the funeral, was full of pain, tension, and anger.

At Salvatore’s funeral, Valeria was also present. The young man had written to her just a few minutes before he died. Pointing to the name of a young Polish man who was not in the apartment, but who is a friend on Cipolletti’s Facebook, then sending her a message: “It’s our moment, our suicide…”


Salvatore’s mental health status before his fatal gesture is still unknown. The forensic and toxicologic analysis done by the Polish investigators will determine if the family will pursue charges against illegal activity on Italian soil. Meaning that if Salvatore or one of his friends has demonstrably committed unlawful acts on Italian territory, the investigation should extend to Italian jurisdiction. A very strong lead might be the fact that Salvatore had accessed the darknet from his house.

The inquiry is pending as the saddening case reveals to be even more complicated. Salvatore’s root motive has yet to be identified as he appeared to have a fulfilling life both socially and economically. In fact, his Facebook page reveals a flourishing young man surrounded by friends, family, and women. 

After all, substance abuse might have also influenced him in committing such an erratic act. Alcohol in combination with LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) is known to provoke powerful hallucinations and damage the decision-making prefrontal cortex of the brain. The prefrontal cortex is under development until the age of 25 and has been linked to an individual’s will to live, decision making, and personality.

SOURCE: https://www.quinewsvaldera.it/varsavia-polonia-salvatore-cipolletti-morto-giovane-volato-settimo-piano-parla-avvocato-ivo-gronchi.htm




Jakub Rębisz INTERVIEW: https://www.lanazione.it/pontedera/cronaca/salvatore-cipolletti-ponsacco-jakub-volo-varsavia-indagini-1.4502510


Ivo Gronchi INTERVIEW:

More information on the types of Italian lawsuits: http://www.tribunale.gorizia.giustizia.it/it/Content/Index/31120

If you or someone you know suffers from depression or has suicidal tendencies please contact The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (U.S.) or find your country’s suicide prevention lifeline, here.

Remember: people care about you and no problem is unsolvable. Seek help now!


Police caught the second member of a darknet drug-pushing trio from Germany hiding in Bangkok — the third member wants to give up as well

David Maas (photo) is the 26-year-old leader of a darknet drug gang who was apprehended in November of 2018. He now returns to Germany from Bangkok, Thailand to face trial. One of his accomplices, a 29-years-old man, was already sentenced to six years in prison in August of 2018, and the third member also signaled his willingness to give himself up from the United States. The judge has accepted his surrender.


The trio from Stade, Germany was running a large-scale darknet drug shipping operation between April and November of 2017. An estimated total of over 2000 parcels for €200,000 euros.

At the end of 2017, after busting the darknet platform from which they operated, investigators thought the group was dismantled. In reality, the trio had escaped abroad.


David had even tried to derail the investigators by sending a letter to his imprisoned accomplice saying he’s sorry for everything that happened. The letter was designed to indicate a provenience from either the Philippines or Indonesia. However, the Central Crime Inspection (ZKI) were not fooled at all.

Senior prosecutor Kai-Thomas Breas explained how the embassy had revoked the passport of David Maas, rendering his stay in Bangkok illegal. Soon enough, David was caught by the Thai policemen and arrested. He was sent to a Thai jail which the prosecution describes as:

“Two dozen prisoners in a kind of a cage, a hole in the cell as a toilet, neon lighting day and night.”

After INTERPOL and German officials warned the Thai police of the warrant, David was checked by the Bangkok police at the BTS Phra Khanong station on Monday, 29th of October 2018. He was found guilty of overstaying his visa by 257 days. It has been discovered that David entered the country by air on 16th of January 2018.

The Thai officers sent the detailed information to the Lüneburg investigators. The culprit was promptly picked up by the German authorities and returned to Frankfurt on Wednesday, November the 1st of 2018 at 5:50 AM.

David Maas is risking a penalty between 5 and 15 years of prison. Taking into account the fact that he’s accused as being the leader of the group, he’ll more than likely receive a higher sentence than his colleague’s term of six years. More so, David Maas is also accused of taking part in the theft of electronic devices in Germany around November of 2017.

He has been cooperating with the authorities. The trial is expected to begin in the spring of 2019.

Thailand_map_CIA[1].png12619994[1].jpgBTS Phra Khanong station, Bangkok, Thailand


SOURCE: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30357759




A credit card scam gang from New York was arrested on 8th of January 2018 for fraudulent transactions of $3 million

Hamilton Eromosele, 29-years-old, was the alleged leader of the gang, alongside Youssouf “Slim” Traore and Deja “Mo Bandz” Monet Handsford. The U.S. District Court in Newark accused all three of conspiracy to commit bank fraud. However, Hamilton Eromosele is also indicted for aggravated identity theft.

“To date, the total amount of stolen credit card purchases confirmed as part of the conspiracy is approximately $3 million.” The criminal complaint states.

Hamilton Eromosele, also known as Emmanuel Eromosele or Donald Sele, is the ringleader of the criminal network. He would obtain credit card information from various sources, including the darkweb, and would recruit women through social media platforms. The women would then travel throughout the country to retrieve the illegally purchased goods for a percentage of the earnings.

According to the court affidavit, the U.S. Secret Service raided an apartment in New Rochelle where all three suspects were arrested, besides multiple credit cards scattered all over the apartment. More so, several cards were also thrown out of a window. A fact that might impact their sentence negatively, as the group tried to dispose of evidence.                                                          All three of the suspects had previous encounters with criminality:

1. The ringleader Hamilton Eromosele was arrested in 2016, in East Rutherford, New Jersey for the sequestration of a woman in a hotel room involving a credit card scheme feud. Furthermore, the officers found 19 fake Discover credit cards in an adjacent hotel room and 700 credit card credentials on his laptop.

2. Youssouf “Slim” Traore was apprehended in 2017, in Fayetteville, Arkansas for trying to purchase a $4,800 Rolex watch with a Discover card listed to his name but with a stolen account number.

3. Deja “Mo Bandz” Monet Handsford was caught in 2017, in Lyons, Georgia after an Uber driver called the police over suspicions of fraud. More precisely, the chauffeur drove the woman to several stores and paid with numerous credit cards. Shortly after, the police arrived and found four Discover cards hidden in the car, none of which were listed on her name.

Taking into consideration the existence of a criminal past for all suspects, and aggravating factors such as evidence disposal, the criminal group is expected to receive up to 15 years in prison and a fine of $25,000.

A-credit-card-scam-gang-from-New-York-was-arrested-on-8th-of-January-2018-for-fraudulent-transactions-of-$3 million

SOURCE: https://westfaironline.com/110316/three-arrested-in-new-rochelle-accused-in-3m-stolen-credit-card-ring/